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Friends Eating Dinner
Designing a Connection Oasis
Service Design, User Research, Strategy



Project Duration

8+ months, still in progress

Role & Activities

Service Designer, User Researcher

Adobe wants to reimagine the corporate dining experience to create space for connection and conversation.

Adobe recently expanded its San Jose offices to support employees coming together for moments that matter, collaborating, and having choice in how they work best. The culinary team has set aside a large eating space to create a new dining experience that amplifies collaboration and community. The team had planned for a family-style restaurant concept. Our work focused on the deeply understanding the meaning of what a family style restaurant means (and how it can reasonably operate) in a corporate work environment at lunchtime.  

The original pitch for this project was submitted and approved before the pandemic changed our baseline ways of working so we assessed emerging employee needs that the restaurant experience could meet. 

To hear about all the details of this awesome restaurant design, reach out!

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