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Gina Mendolia

Hi, I'm


I design purposeful touchpoints between people and systems.

Previously studying & lecturing at the, I now design employee experiences at Adobe.

As a Service Designer & Product Strategist,

Let's chat via email or Linkedin!

Employee Support Center

Redesigning the employee support experience to make asking and answering questions easier


mamo .png

Mamo Pay

Redesigned payment app to improve usability and meet more specific needs of Dubai users



Table to Earth Composting

Designed a local, community-driven composting service and business model

#DesignResearch #ServiceDesign


Gather Restaurant

Led workshops to intentionally connect human-centered meaning with culinary staff operations

#ServiceDesign #WorkshopFacilitation

da .png

COVID Communication

Designed MVP for local governments to better equip their residents with COVID information




Designed a variety of infographics for accessible communication of scientific health data 



Clinical Trial Supply Chain

Transformed internal supply chain operations to increase efficiency of clinical trial management 

#ServiceDesign #ProductOperations


Presence Baby Monitor

Created user research driven service concept strategy for new baby monitor technology



Poop Pills

Developed and patented the process and formula for encapsulated microbiome bacteria

#Development #ProductOperations

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