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I'm Gina!

I design purposeful touchpoints between people and systems.

Previously studying at the, I now design employee experiences at Adobe. 

As a Service Designer & Product Strategist,

Let's chat via email or Linkedin!


I have a blended background of service design, product operations, and strategy. Along the way, I've dabbled in UI and visual design. Note: Many of my projects are not publicly available, but I am always happy to discuss them 1:1. 

De-Stressing the Travel Experience

User Research, Service Design

Conducting emergent user research to inform traveler-centric airport amenities and craft a more stress-free airport experience

2023, In Progress

Infusing Meaning into Corporate Dining

User Research, Service Design

Leading workshops, mapping the guest experience and steps of service, and synthesizing user research to design a new and meaningful corporate dining experience.

2022-2023, In Progress

Detangling Employee Support

User Research, Service Design

Visualized complex information architecture, mapping front stage and backstage user journeys, and defining jobs to be done to support the redesign of an employee help center into an unified and actionable platform that enables employees to more easily access HR/IT resources and support.


Enterprise IT Dogfooding Strategy

Design Strategy, Service Design

Developed dogfooding strategy for the IT team to test the company's own products. The strategy aims to enable the team to gain firsthand experience of the products, provide feedback for improvement, and enhance their knowledge and expertise to better serve customers.


Baby Monitor

User Research, UX Design, Service Design

Conducted user research, created MVP site map and service blueprints, and designed UI concepts for pitch presentations for new smart baby monitor technology.


Google Design Research

User Research, Design Strategy

Researched and strategized user opportunities for hardware development and branding.


Table to Earth Composting

User Research, Design Strategy, Service Design

Conducted extensive user, system, and industry research as well as developed process and service maps, MVP business model, and composting bin prototypes for a local, community-driven composting service.


Mamo Pay

UX Design, Visual Design

Redesigned payment app UI/UX to improve usability and meet more specific needs of Dubai users.


Improving COVID Communication

User Research, UX Design, Design Strategy

Designed the UI and experience concept for COVID-19 data dashboards for both the Mayor's office and the city's residents.


Clinical Trial Supply Chain

Service Design, User Research, UX Design

Led a team of 4 through the mapping of multiple user experiences, business processes, and data flows to transform internal supply chain operations to increase efficiency of clinical trial management.


Poop Pills

Process Development, Service Design

Developed, launched, managed, and scaled the full drug product life cycle, including wet-lab experiments, execution of go-to-market plans, and internal organizational preparedness.


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