Experience Designer

What I design

I make things simple and accessible.

How I design

I meet people where they are.

I listen to the stories people tell.

I use analogies to test my understanding.

I make what they didn't even know they needed.

What I design

I make things simple and accessible.

Poo App

I designed UI/UX to streamline manufacturing data collection and accuracy.

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eMedical Record

I transformed paper-based health records into an intuitive digital experience.

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Poop Pills

I developed a more accessible version of a Fecal Microbiota Transplant.

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Package Design

I brought products to life with brand-focused and FDA-compliant packaging

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I visualized impact of a healthcare nonprofit.

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Other Work

I've done a bunch of other great stuff too.

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In my free time, you can generally find me yoga-ing, stirring up some homemade tomato sauce, or somewhere on a mountain--skiing, biking, running, or climbing.