Poo App

Making sh*tty data clean and easy

Handwritten data makes running an efficient supply chain difficult.

What if doctors could order poop as if they were on Amazon?

I designed a web app that made it easy to collect, track, and ship poop.


Data-driven decisions & operations
Poo App allows the operations team to leverage company data to manage and continually improve its supply chain.


Between 2014 and 2015, OpenBiome increased the number of treatments it was providing to patients by 300%. As the organization scaled, it needed a data platform that could keep up with its growth.

Problem Space

A home-brewed mix of paper and at-home database software left supply chain metrics spotty and prone to error. Off-the-shelf systems didn't quite fit OpenBiome's needs, but a completely custom application was a risk.


I worked with a contracted web app developer to build "Poo App." This SQL-based app records information about poop donations, manufacturing processes and storage locations and manages ordering and shipping processes. Each of these modules was built one-by-one to keep costs down.

Data was readable through the app's interface as well as a dashboarding tool. This dashboard connection was crucial to making informed supply chain decisions.

Wireframes for product review process
Photo: Gina Mendolia

Working with developer to map wireframes to code
Photo: Gina Mendolia

Dashboard made from poop data
Jacob Dixon


User researcher, UX designer, product manager




OpenBiome, non profit biotechnolgy startup