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Designing for the Sustainable Identity
Service Design, User Research, Strategy


Project Duration

9+ months, still occasionally tinkering

Role & Activities

Service Designer, User Researcher

Composting has an amazing impact on the earth. How might we encourage more people to compost?

Large-scale composting is far from a new concept, but current systems isolate users from their environmental impact. 

Born out of Stanford University’s Design Impact master’s program, Table to Earth is a hyperlocal, decentralized, food scrap composting service designed to transform a user’s food waste from a mistake into part of their sustainable identity. Built around a distributed urban network of aerated, in-vessel composters, the Table to Earth service encourages short- and long-term, pro-environmental habits by removing the guilt users feel when discarding food scraps and tangibly connecting their individual actions to a larger environmental movement.

To hear about all the details of composting service, reach out!

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