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Baby Monitor

Created user research driven service concept strategy for new baby monitor technology

Clinical Trial Supply Chain

Transformed internal supply chain operations to increase efficiency of clinical trial management 

De-Stressing the Travel Experience

Conducting emergent user research to inform traveler-centric airport amenities and craft a more stress-free airport experience

Detangling Employee Support

Designing an employee help center to provide a unified and actionable platform for efficient service delivery, enabling employees to easily access the resources they need and improve productivity.

Enterprise IT Dogfooding Strategy

Developed dogfooding strategy for the IT team to test the company's own products. The strategy aims to enable the team to gain firsthand experience of the products, provide feedback for improvement, and enhance their knowledge and expertise to better serve customers.

Google Design Research

Researched and strategized user opportunities for hardware development and branding

Improving COVID Communication

South Bend, Indiana created a joint city-county task force, informed by data and dedicated to vaccine equity, to improve vaccination delivery, especially among Black and Hispanic communities, while improving transparency and accountability to the public at large.

Infusing Meaning into Corporate Dining

Designing a sit-down, family-style restaurant that creates a vibrant, cultural dining experience for corporate employees. Gather aims to help teams and groups come together over a casual, but elevated shared meal to build meaningful connections and foster community.

Mamo Pay

Redesigned payment app to improve usability and meet more specific needs of Dubai users

Poop Pills

Table to Earth Composting

Designed a local, community-driven composting service and business model

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