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Service Designer,
Research & Strategy

I research and design invisible interactions to humanize organizations. 

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Designing a Connection Oasis

Service Design, User Research, Strategy

Designing a new type of corporate dining experience that encourages meaningful conversation and connection in the workplace.


Making Clinical Trial Decisions Easier

Service Design, User Research, Strategy

Designed a clinical trial management playbook and FDA-compliant electronic medical record and inventory management system


Exploring the Meaning of "Chromebook"

User Research, Strategy

Researched users' computing habits and strategized opportunities for hardware development and branding.


De-stressing the Travel Experience

User Research, Strategy

Conducting emergent user research to inform traveler-centric airport amenities and craft a more stress-free airport experience


Visualizing the Layers of Employee Support

User Research, Strategy

Visualizing the front stage and backstage user journeys of the employee help center into a unified and actionable platform that enables employees to easily access HR and IT resources and support


Transforming Poop into Life-Saving Treatments

Product Development, Experimental Design

Developed, launched, managed, and scaled the full drug product life cycle, including wet-lab experiments, execution of go-to-market plans, and internal organizational preparedness.

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Increasing Digital Payment Usability

User Research, UI/UX

Redesigned a payment app to increase trust & usability


Designing for the sustainable identity

User Research, UI/UX

Conceptualized a community, locally-driven compost service

Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 10.02.22 AM.png

Increasing Local Government Communication Capabilities

User Research, UX/UI Design

Designed the UI and experience concept for COVID-19 data dashboards for both the Mayor's office and the city's residents.

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